confiseries au naturel

Fig Nougat

French confectionery, made with natural flavours, free of preservatives and artificial colourings

Sachet of 100g






Natural and exceptional confectionery

Stemming from Arab, Catalan and Italian traditions, the nougat recipe has travelled all around the Mediterranean region since the 10th century.

A speciality of the Provence region, our nougat is made of honey from Provence, kneaded at low heat in order to preserve the sweetness of its flavours. The figs are crystallised in the Haut-Var county following to traditional methods.


Ingredients: crystallised figs (figs, glucose syrup, sugar) 27%, sugar, almonds, honey from Provence, glucose syrup (from gluten-free wheat), icing sugar, egg white, pistachio nuts, unleavened bread (potato starch, water), natural vanilla extract | gluten-free



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